Feb 22


trying to revive that old habit where i wake up several hours before work to do misc. tasks, like, creative writing and cleaning my room and writing awkward letters to my parents’ financial advisor.

coachella lineup should be coming out either today or this week. stay tuned kids! i’ve gathered up a nice group to come with this year, should be good.


you’re coming back to me on friday.




I guess everyday I will remind people…


to follow my other blog. I don’t use this one anymore. The only thing I use it for is to reply back to people and to like things, and to leave comments. That’s only because it won’t let me do those things on my other blog.

So, please, follow my other one…teenagefears.tumblr.com

thank ya!

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How to start your own literary discussion.


Have you read any (or all!) of these five much-hyped books? (I’m two for five.)

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An interview with Adam Levin -


An interview with Adam Levin, author of the 900+ novel The Instructions, by former Analecta editor Hal Hlavinka.

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Flore Vasseur Blog: TEDx Paris : Partager les idées est conseillé pour la santé -


Ma chronique sur France Culture du 18 janvier 2011

Les conférences TED, pour Technology, Entertainment and Design, réunissent chaque année en Californie la crème de la crème des affaires pour trois jours de safari mental. Le gratin de l’innovation mondiale, comme les patrons de Google, Amazon…



Join in at anytime, we don’t have a set time that the chat will end, so it could go on for hours!

You can create an account, it’s simple. If you choose not to, that’s fine, but at least create a nickname when to pops up. You don’t have to sign in with a social site, that’s just an option. BUT PLEASE CREATE A NICKNAME FOR YOURSELF! We don’t want to see a buch of “guests”

Again, join in playing a zelda game, or just chat. You can broadcast yourself too! I just hope that it doesn’t get too laggy, if it does we apologize. If it gets too laggy, we may kick some people off camera, but hopefully we won’t have to.

If you don’t know how to broadcast here’s how:

When you click broadcast a box will pop up like this:

Click allow, and then click where you see your video in the USB section, and then it’ll ask you about your mic, choose which suits you best!

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steeroy.com: Opera Mini: Unsecure, Proprietary Internet Access! -

You really should read this before using Opera Mini, the web browser installed on many phones. I’ve been using it for a year, and I had no freaking idea.


Proxy. It’s one thing for an app on the iPhone to query the web, talk to its own or others’ servers, but something…



Ask. Tell. Confess. Share. http://formspring.me/ehmmahh

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